The Same Contempt You Feel Towards Migrants is Same the Elite Feel Towards You

HAMBURG - Germany - Pinpoint that feeling for one second, that feeling of utter contempt, disgust and aversion you feel towards someone you feel less human than you -- a migrant.


When a Westerner is killed abroad it makes the front page, when ten thousand people are killed in a third world country, it makes page 18 as a footnote column inch in the newspapers.

You yourselves are messy, you consume, you create waste, and you cause untold damage to the earth’s resources with your privileged Western existence.

These are tests on the populace to see how you react to the migrants, and the elite, above politicians, most probably look at the test results and feel even more repulsed than usual.

It possibly will give them justification to carry forth their plans with even more vigour, because to see the reactions of the Western mollycoddled population reinforces their understanding of the plan ahead.

The post-industrial, post-consumerist age does not need you any more.

All the information is in plain sight, one only has to search for it, and if you know when you see it, you will understand.