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Think Tank: Why Socialist Utopias Can Never Exist

LONDON - England - The Socialist Think Tank reveals the intricacies and nuances of socialist utopias and how they never work.

Throughout the last two hundred years socialists around the world have tried to create their ideal utopia with their principles of social cohesion, integration and financial collectivism.

Not one single socialistic system, of which there has been much variation has ever worked.

Socialists today want to flood first world countries with third world populations. This creates a destructive force that alienates not only the third world violators but also the indigenous people whose ancestors have populated their respective countries for centuries and thousands of years. In such a short time, to invite millions of people creates discord, violence, resentment and an inevitable war footing as those invaded protest but are generally ignored by the socialist government in charge.

Schools are being emptied in Germany as parents remove their children from diverse schools, the white flight accelerating daily. Whole towns are now portioned off as the migrant ghettos take hold of areas, an unstoppable virus eviscerating all in its path.

Socialism means poverty for all except for the party hierarchy. Much like communism, senior party officials enjoy special privileges whereas all intermediate classes of people are mixed in with the lower classes. The socialist ideal is to remove all class systems and to remove all pay grades so that the whole is enmeshed in one simple poverty stricken bundle of socialistic misery.

Socialism and communism, as displayed by the EU structure is a system made to serve the elite and unelected technocrats, who enjoy the unlimited expense accounts, the gold-plated pensions and pay-offs they receive often. The elite above this structure, receive the heavy taxation monies and only have to crack the whip once in awhile to discourage any form of dissent.

Britain’s current prime minister, and his faux conservative government is a fully fledged socialist entity. They are not conservative in any way, as the welfare and NHS system dictates what they do at every turn.

The key to all of these socialist forms and parasitical political entities is that they all eventually implode. They may seek to create their ideal socialist utopia – look what happened to Venezuela – but the implosion will come, sometimes violently, at other times through quiet revolution. Symptomatic of a body fighting off a virus, the people eventually see through the trickery and lies, and boot the leeches away from the host, as Tony Blair and his cronies saw.

Generational poverty

Socialism is touted as being for the people, but this is a false claim, because socialism makes all classes poor apart from the top, and it not only creates poverty but it revels in it. For a socialist welfare dependent to aspire above poverty is an immediate alarm bell and that person, whoever they may be, is struck down and brought firmly back to the perpetual operatic poverty theatre.

We must also address the socialist celebrities, who hold a bridge between the poor and the elite controllers. These people are the go-betweens, they are bestowed with riches and privilege from the controlling echelons, but they still think they are one of the ‘people’. Nothing can be more contemptuous to see some bloated celebrity luvvie who descends from their penthouse on occasion to think about the little people for a few seconds, a sad forlorn creature of parasitic abundance who deserves to be strung up on the nearest post and left to the crows and ravens.

America, will soon reap the rewards of Obama’s socialism, a form of spending that has been unrivalled by any other government in history. Here is a socialist that has spent $300 million on holidays alone, increased the deficit by $6 Trillion and achieved pretty much nothing during his tenure except for bringing the United States to the edge of civil war and debt implosion. In accordance to his socialist principles, Obama has succeeded and achieved what he wanted to achieve. He is fracturing the nation, flooding the streets with millions of poor South Americans and changing the fabric of North America completely leaving it in a much poorer state than he inherited.

All socialist entities are authoritarian and verge on the totalitarian however much they may claim not to be. With socialism, political correctness comes inhibiting freedom of speech and freedom of thought.

There are no socialistic utopias, there are no systems of that sort that will ever work, globally or nationally, simply because socialism still services the few and seeks to keep the many in poverty.

Until a system comes that incorporates all, including the privileged few and party hierarchy, the global society will forever be seeking to find the ideal ingredient to fluid living, to the end of conflict and to the end of poverty; not only culturally but monetarily.


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