Impulsivity in Politics is a Death Trap

NEW YORK - USA - A seasoned politician would look at someone like Trump and quietly smile, because people like that do not have the seasoned qualities that a politician has.


Business people like Trump, Murdoch and Sugar are not well read, they’re just good at knocking heads together and coming up with impulsive ideas for their business. They want things done fast, and if it doesn’t happen, you’re fired because you’re an underling and they’re the ‘boss’.

Politics is a different game altogether, especially in the UK, where one plays the long game, you certainly cannot wear your heart on your sleeve, instead having an ability to act will hold you in good stead.

Diplomacy is key to all situations, even in heated debate, as well as an encyclopaedic knowledge of whatever you are discussing a la your researchers.

Someone like Trump is not well-read he is a bully boy, a person whose ego far extends his knowledge base and this is why he will fall into every trap without realising. Someone like him is doomed from the get go, simply because politics is not like business.

Sure, Trump appeals to the lowest common denominator of the American populace, and his support base proves that fascism is alive and well in America as much as extremist Islam, but his twitter style of delivery is a limited method of governance where every emotion is conveyed however idiotic and ill-thought out.

The reason that Trump is now enjoying a poll rating of 40% is simply that Trump’s insular jingoism appeals to a good number of Americans. Trump has little or no understanding of global politics and nations outside the U.S. and neither do most Americans. Therefore, this profound ignorance and black and white rhetoric naturally appeals to the every day Joe who has never been out of whatever State they were born in, and will most probably die there too. One would therefore wish that someone like Trump keeps up with his support for as long as is needed, the fool does not realise that he is the gift that keeps giving.

Trump is cashing in on the profound ignorance and ill education of the American population. As much as the seasoned politician may baulk at Trump’s rise, they will know that to build a tower on a foundation of ignorance is dangerous, and Trump will fall faster than a brick when he makes his next ignorant, uneducated, childish remark.

Thugs don’t read books, a Trump is a brute, a bully who has only risen to the top through ties with the Mafiosi. All it will take is some more information on these ties, and Trump will disappear as fast as he appeared, like a turd in the wind, a messy flush back into the sewer.