Israeli Blitzkrieg Bombs Gaza Rubble into Smaller Pieces of Rubble

GAZA - Palestine - An Israeli blitzkrieg of bombs has reduced the pieces of rubble that already occupy the tiny strip of land into smaller pieces of rubble and even some bits of sand.

The Israeli honoratioren have decided to bomb Gaza’s plentiful rubble pile into smaller pieces again.

Commandant Mosher Treblinka told CNN news: “This is a friedenssturm, a blitzkrieg on the rubble in Gaza resulting in a holocaust of huge proportions. We felt that their piles of rubble were too large so we decided to bomb them into even smaller pieces of rubble. I have also ordered the Panzergruppen from the East, South and West to attack tomorrow so they can blow up even more pieces of rubble. We will crush the Gaza rubble into dust under our Panzers. It is our erbhöfe that we pummel these rocks into dust.”

Israeli Verfügungstruppe officers and the awaiting Arbeitnehmerschaft will then be mobilised once the incursion is completed and all the remaining rubble that has escaped being crushed will be sealed and returned to Israel where it will be crushed into fine dust by industrial machinery.

Ehre heisst Treue

“How dare they have big pieces of rubble in Gaza. This is a disgrace. We will set up more camps for the displaced untermenschen away from our populations and without any decent amenities or essentials like food or water. It is imperative that they are left to die whilst we guzzle our plentiful food and water supplies.
The untermenschen are an unzuverlässige elemente and should be approached with extreme caution,” the commandant added.

Later on in the day during the prolonged carpet bombing of the Gaza dust and rubble there was a brief moment of rest so that the head of the Israeli army could address the people and bring volksgemeinschaft to the nation.

  • D.k

    Someone needs to make the whole ME into a glass factory. That’s the only way these fuckers are gonna learn..hell it worked for the Japs.

  • James Albright

    there’s a Biiiiig silence from the magic negro…whatup? say summin…lemme guess the Israelis paid him off as well

  • Robbie

    The palestinian rockets have broken a few windows in the Israeli mansions. I am watching Sky News right now and they are showing the extensive damage that the Israelis have received. They are now showing a Israeli jacuzzi which was damaged by some shrapnel. This is disgusting, the palastinians deserve everything that happens to them. I can’t believe the world is standing by and watching the horror the palastinans are bringing upon Israel.

  • Christian

    did they learn from the holocaust? No, they have become the enemy now they hated and feared the most

  • Andrea

    They say this what happens to the bullied and abused….some of them turn out to become the bully and abusers…..the jews were the persecuted ones in WW2…now they are the persecuters and nazis themselves…shame on Israel…what have you become?!?!

  • Tzefanyahu the Jeweller

    The Israelis have heard that there is gold in the rubble of Gaza. That’s why they are bombing itnow to prospect for gold.

  • Bill Mathers, Chicago

    The Jews are no more than Fascist Nazi killers. Funny how things turn full circle huh?