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Uncovered Photos of Obama’s Secret Seventies Disco Funk Past

NEW YORK - USA - The Daily Squib has uncovered secret photographs from the 1970's when Obama was a P-Funk master and disco dancer extraordinaire frequenting clubs like Studio 54 and The Loft.

Barack Hussein Obama was the king of disco. When he took the floor during the hot summer of 1977 in the sweaty dance venues of New York City he burned up the dance floor like a man possessed.

“I remember Barack. I mean who could forget this cat, he was dumping quaalude and blow like it was candy. He could dance for three days non-stop and still look like a million bucks. We called him ‘The Kid’ because he was so young. His costumes were outrageous as well and he would sometimes have three or four young men hanging round him at a time such was his prowess. I can’t believe he’s president now, the kid is now President of the United States of motherfuggin’ A,” Arnold DeWinter, a bus boy who worked at Studio 54 recounted.


Imagine the lights and the disco balls gleaming, the sweaty bodies of a thousand debauched revellers getting down and ‘doin’ the hustle’.


Chocolate City

“It was like the Mothership done landed in New York city right there in 1977. Barack would blow disco jiving revellers away with his dance moves and his wacky fashions that would make even members of Parliament look twice. I mean the guy could do the Freak and he was one of the dudes who inspired Nile Rodgers man…Barack was right there that night when Chic was refused entry to Studio 54. He went back to their loft apartment in Manhattan and that’s where they snorted some long lines and wrote Le Freak. He never got credited though,” Jonty McMahon, a Studio 54 regular recalled.

The pictures of Barack in one of his costumes is being released for the first time and is causing a media storm all over the internet and international press.


Obama photographed posing for pictures in Central Park, New York, 1977

“These pictures sure bring a new slant to Barack Obama. The guy is seen as some kind of superhuman magic man who can walk on water. Well, he looks pretty human in these photos. I don’t think even Michael knows about these and I’m sure Barack is going to get a clip round the ear for never telling her about his real past,” Joel Ephrahim of JCW PR in Washington said after seeing the images.

The incoming President of the United States seems to have a few skeletons in his closet, and that’s not including some outfits that would make even Bootsy Collins blush.

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  1. That pic is clearly photoshopped. But there are others of Obama with his “boyfriend” in college.

  2. I lived the 70’s and that picture is NOT A DISCO outfit, That is an indication of a Sexual Identity, I will leave it at that except to say Idiosmatik two comments down is on the mark.

  3. Why can't we all dress like the 70s now? Obama looked really cool. He was free and doin his thang. Go Barry!

  4. In 1977 Barry was a junior at the Punahou School in Hawaii, trying to pretend he was from Tonga.
    Hawaiians hate blacks worse than they hate whites, but Tongan’s look more black than other south-sea islanders. He was know at Punahou as a fairly heavy pot-smoker, tho.

  5. Impeach Obama now! This shit is unbelievable, not only is he a muslim but h dresses like a freak I don’t want a prez like this? Impeach him he’s a disgrase.

  6. Obama was ROCKIN’ the joint in 1977!

    Man we got the best prez in town!

    I’m so proud of Obama after seeing those photos I thought sheeit the dude was cool back in the day!!!

  7. I just found this paper this morning, and I love it!! I cant stop laughing!! This guy looks like a HOT GHETTO MESS!!
    hint hint

  8. YouTube Reptillians. It will explain some elitist club who take on reptillian physical aspects. I also read that Obama was *bi-sex. H-m-m-m-m, look at those heels! LOL …

    *Two homosexuals from his church were mysteriously murdered before he startd his campaign. Read it on YouTube. One was a choir director.

  9. Bush is gone, thank God. Now if we could do something about all of you other pinheads this country could move forward.

  10. …..Obama looks pretty groovy there. At first I thought this was a joke but looking at the photos made my mind up..

  11. Give the guy a chance. This is why good people don,t run for high office.Jesus said cast the 1st stone We ALL have skeletons.

  12. Alreet peeps i’m gon only tell ya once and once only about the scene in the Big Apple in 77. Dont be beating yo gums to death now. Collar that jive? Now the Studio was the downbeat, You could spill red gravy all ovah the danceflo n still have time to snort some white. Krupa was there n Barack was the killer diller who could jitterbug like no other. I was the mastermind of the whole scene cuz the rug cutting was my style. sO NOW Y’ALL PUMP THE STUMP AND SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

  13. The owner of this site has been busted, he’s a friend of Obama. Must be attempting to scam the peeps into believing that Obama is just a wild straight womanizer,
    when in actuality he’s ………
    You know the rest of the story.

  14. I’m still dissapointed that he didn’t have a fro in 1977. I mean all the cool niggas had a fro. He got a serios packet tho, look at that thang!

  15. Dude looks like an idiot, I dunno what the hell they were doin in 77 but that’s some scary shit. It must have been all those drugs they was snorting up they nose?

  16. LMFAO! Isabell are u insane? How can u think his costume rocks? I mean look at that thing he looks like a lizard LOL

  17. those pics look real enough to me. i’ve seen other pics of Obama’s youth and he looks mature there as well. He’s aged well I got to say that costume rocks!!!

  18. That would have made Obama all of 16 years old at the time; the drinking age and age of admittance into those clubs was 21. Studio 54 was pretty lax in those days though cuz I know. You may have well have dressed him in alien gear.

  19. Don’t get me wrong. I can’t stand Obama. I am sick that he has been elected to be our next President but I must say this. There is no way these pics are of him in that lizard looking getup. It is a funny one though 🙂

  20. The article says Obama looked very young at the time the photos were taken. Obama looks as old as he does now in the supposed 30 year old photos. As much as I loathe that ni*, I don’t buy this.

  21. Idiots.

    Say, would you like to buy a used car? Only driven to church on Sundays by a sweet little old grandmother.

    As Johnny Pluton said, Your lack of intelligence never ceases to amaze me.

  22. Obama was only 16 back in 1977 but I know many underage kids were allowed into Studio This story is astounding to say the least. Good to see the good ol’ disco days back in the news for a change.

  23. Even though I am republican, and not a fan of the chosen one, it is pretty clear to me that these are real pics. Notwithstanding he looks the same today as 31 years ago, 1977, when he was in his teens, and from some other pics of him, when he was younger his hair was a bit fuller, and longer.

  24. this is total BS. Obama would have been 16 at the time. these are total fakes! why would anyone go to this length to attempt to discredit the man? there is more than enough stuff out there to make one wonder about him, but this is OVER THE TOP! Stop the madness!!! Just STOP!!!!! This is WRONG!!!!! Moreover, it’s a fake LIE!!!!!!!!!!!! GARBAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Has to be a joke or satire!!!!!

  25. Why is this here–who did it? Someone could mistake this for truth–or isn’t that what Rense is all about??

  26. Barky would have be 17 years old in 1977. There are photos from back them with his white grandparents – he did not have the clean short hair. There is enough on him for impeachment under US law now as a foreign born so this does not help reverse the CIA People Power Coup aka Color Revolution.

  27. 77 was just before hip hop. It was like the end of disco and in New York city everything was kickin’ off. We had brothers who were checking out Kraftwerk and doing their own thang. Africa Bambataa n shit

  28. i didn’t vote for him…..one look at these and I wanted to break out the P-Funk. James Brown get up offa the floor and do something about it. The mothership has landed bitchezzz!!!

  29. I’m not a fan of the man, but these pics are real funk-ay! Who would’ve thought Obama was a wild child?!?!?

  30. May-be Daily Squib I should cut a backwards B on my face to make my point – Boy O Boy, Barack Obama sure looks OLD for being 15 in your photos. Can we spell funky suit?!

  31. Bam Bam youse the man Obama got some skillz reppin’ like he does, I listened to Bam Bam reppin on the podium he’s like an MC on spee Sheesh

  32. I think this sucks like a US Congressman at an AIPAC meeting, but then I have no sense of toilet humour.

  33. Barak U da man son! C’mon and git down wit da sevenys grooves I listen to Funkadelic and Parliament Seven UP! Biatch n ya can smoke some blow in da rest room wit da pros! This ain’t no time fo politics git yo jiva azz down da dance flo !!

  34. We can impeach an Illinois Governor for talkin shit (why didn’t they wait until he had the money in his hot little hand? They could have caught 2 corrupt politicians and had plenty of evidence to jail them if they had. I know why – they knew they weren’t going to get any more, and thought the distraction would come at a good time when the torture issue resurfaced!), but we can’t impeach Bush and Cheney for lying us into a war (where thousands of US soldiers were killed and hundreds of thousand of Iraqi citizens killed and/or driven from their homes), conducting

  35. Where can I get an outfirt like that? I’m a great fan of Obama and I want to go to the inaugeration wearing his clothes..please can someone post a place where I can get those 70s clothes..I’m in Washington..thanks Peter Jackson

  36. For heaven sake, in 1977, Barack was 15! The photos are clearly him but how would a 15 yr old get INTO Studio 54? Which was hard enough to get into.

    To boot, he has NEVER made it secret that he used cocaine and marijuana (as well as alcohol). The guy has NO skeletons in his closet, sorry for all you who love this propaganda!

    Someone ought to check his facts, or be thought forever to be a sleaze (and I hesitate to use the word ‘journalist’)!

  37. Gods in control now The Man has destroyed the earth, peoples lives, and the country enough, Your time is up
    don,t be a hater BrendaStarr.

  38. Barack Hussein Obama will be the President of the United States, the new and improved Commander In Chief. God Help us all.

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