Uncovered Photos of Obama’s Secret Seventies Disco Funk Past

NEW YORK - USA - The Daily Squib has uncovered secret photographs from the 1970's when Obama was a P-Funk master and disco dancer extraordinaire frequenting clubs like Studio 54 and The Loft.

Barack Hussein Obama was the king of disco. When he took the floor during the hot summer of 1977 in the sweaty dance venues of New York City he burned up the dance floor like a man possessed.

“I remember Barack. I mean who could forget this cat, he was dumping quaalude and blow like it was candy. He could dance for three days non-stop and still look like a million bucks. We called him ‘The Kid’ because he was so young. His costumes were outrageous as well and he would sometimes have three or four young men hanging round him at a time such was his prowess. I can’t believe he’s president now, the kid is now President of the United States of motherfuggin’ A,” Arnold DeWinter, a bus boy who worked at Studio 54 recounted.


Imagine the lights and the disco balls gleaming, the sweaty bodies of a thousand debauched revellers getting down and ‘doin’ the hustle’.


Chocolate City

“It was like the Mothership done landed in New York city right there in 1977. Barack would blow disco jiving revellers away with his dance moves and his wacky fashions that would make even members of Parliament look twice. I mean the guy could do the Freak and he was one of the dudes who inspired Nile Rodgers man…Barack was right there that night when Chic was refused entry to Studio 54. He went back to their loft apartment in Manhattan and that’s where they snorted some long lines and wrote Le Freak. He never got credited though,” Jonty McMahon, a Studio 54 regular recalled.

The pictures of Barack in one of his costumes is being released for the first time and is causing a media storm all over the internet and international press.


Obama photographed posing for pictures in Central Park, New York, 1977

“These pictures sure bring a new slant to Barack Obama. The guy is seen as some kind of superhuman magic man who can walk on water. Well, he looks pretty human in these photos. I don’t think even Michael knows about these and I’m sure Barack is going to get a clip round the ear for never telling her about his real past,” Joel Ephrahim of JCW PR in Washington said after seeing the images.

The incoming President of the United States seems to have a few skeletons in his closet, and that’s not including some outfits that would make even Bootsy Collins blush.