Bush Wants History to See Him as a Liberator of Millions from Life

WASHINGTON DC - USA - George W. Bush hopes history will see him as a president who liberated millions of Iraqis and Afghans from living, who worked towards world turmoil and who never sold his soul for humanitarian ends.

“I’d like to be a president (known) as somebody who liberated 50 million people from their horrible lives as non right wing Christian Nazis by murdering them in cold blood with guns, missiles, torture and pollution. I have helped achieve perpetual war lasting for hundreds of years and want to be remembered for the horror I have created. These untermenschen are now all dead thanks to American conquest and war, the world is now a safer place for terrorists to flourish and create more mayhem, whether it is state sanctioned American terror or agencies working for us,” Bush said in excerpts of a recent interview released by the
White House Friday.

“Perpetual War of Terror”

“I would like to be a person remembered as a person who, first and foremost, did not sell his soul in order to accommodate humanity. I lied to the American people and took them to war for oil, for American corporations, for greed and for conquest. I am above the law and I got away with it. I came to Washington with a set of values that would make most mass murderers shudder, and I’m leaving with the same set of values.”

He also said he wanted to be seen as a president who helped rich elite individuals intent on eugenics , “that rallied people to hate their neighbour; that led an effort to increase HIV/AIDS and malaria on places like the continent of Africa; that helped the elderly die quicker by taking away their pensions and ability to pay for prescription drugs and Medicare.”

Bush added that every day during his eight-year presidency he had consulted the Bible and drawn comfort from his faith.

“I am on a mission from God and Jesus. I am not ashamed to say that under my rule many non-Christians have been killed. I had a target to kill many Muslims and even though I was not able to murder all of them I hope I will be remembered for the millions who died under US bombs and violence,” the US leader said in the interview with his sister Doro Bush Koch recorded as part of an oral history program known as Fascistcorps.



“Mission Accomplished”

Thanks to the Iraqi invasion, the world is now a safer place

As his second term in office draws to an end, Bush joked he would miss some of the trappings
that come with the presidency such as trips on Air Force One, never being stuck in a traffic jam, and the president’s own personal torture chamber where he could tinker with America’s tools of the trade.

But he said he was glad to be stepping back into the shadows. The president has his own private family bunker where he will spend his days away from the apocalyptic chaos he has created.

“Frankly, I’m not going to miss the limelight all that much. It’s been a fabulous experience to be responsible for so many people dying in the name of US arrogance, ignorance and greed… But it will be nice to watch the news reports of the ensuing anarchic and economic chaos which I started continue on for many decades. I will be sipping my Schlitz and chomping on a bag of pretzels from my bunker as I enjoy the Fox news reports and wait for the rapture to take me on up. Yee-Hah!”

The interview, which Bush recorded with First Lady Laura Bush, will be stored in the
library of Congress and a holocaust museum devoted to the Bush presidency.

The president will also be presented on Monday at the library of Congress with the still-born foetus of an Iraqi child deformed from depleted uranium as a momento of his outstanding presidency.

  • Iraq pwned by the USA

    We own Iraq and their cowardly people. They are nothing but stupid arab towelheads and we’re goin to make their country into one big fuckin’ McDonalds drive in. We shoud build some whorehouses to and take more of their oil.

  • John

    the man LOST the first election – Cheated his way into office – When I heard an evil dictator was to be hung, imagine my chagrin when I found it was Saddam – Should have been Bush and B.LIAR!

    Still Liverpool is the European capital of culture – if they can find culture there – they might just find WMD in Iraq~

  • Lucy

    It’s incredible that Americans voted for this moron not once but twice. Just goes to show how stupid Americans are.

  • Robbie

    Bush led the crusade against the arabs and towelheads. We now own Iraq and Iran is next folks. Obama can’t get out of Iraq, they won’t allow that to happen.

    Iraq is now permanent US territory

  • tab

    Saddam had NOTHING to do with 911 – Bush said so.

    Saddam hated the fundamentalists – he ruled a secular society. There were better, smarter ways of taking him out. If he was so bad, why did Rumsfeld give him the WMD in the first place? Have you never seem the photos of Rumsfeld shaking Saddam’s hand?

    And if the US had not evicted a democratically-elected president and replace him with the Shah for oil reasons, Iran would be a far better place than it is.

    Look in the mirror to see the terrorists, ignoramuses.

  • Elmo

    We should’ve made the whole ME a glass factory. Bush dide not go far enough IMHO.

  • Jeb

    what’s the problem looks like the boy’s gotta load of dollars and is happy?

  • Uncle Sam

    GWB is the best president the US has ever had. History will remember him as the manwho liberated the world from islam. Without Bush the west wouldnow be under sharia law

  • Jim

    Bush is a cowerd. I bet he’d shit himself in combat.

    Iraq is a big mess, I was out there this year and it is hell people. Nothing good is happening and it’s getting worse Don’t believe the hype

  • USMC Peterson

    GWB saved America from the towelheads
    they want to take away our freedoms. take away our women and rape them and all sorts of muslim shit. We took the fight too them and we opened upa can of whoop ass on those sandni**ers. GO USA! Fuckin’ A!

  • Jon Fisher

    If it was not for the US you limey bastards would be speaking kraut…now you limeys want to leave Iraq?

    Hell, i’ve seen French people with more goddam backbone!!!!

  • Chippychap

    You Yanks were fine when YOU were funding the IRA to plant bombs on the Brit mainland.
    Don’t like it when it’s in your backyard.

  • Rob

    Please, someone tell me the last two comments were either made with seriously heavy droppings or sarcasm, or were written during their authors angry death throws as their entrails and innards flopped all over the floor and, well, they just needed someone to shout something unspeakably stupid at, as their lives were painfully extinguished..
    Reactionary, short sighted, narrow minded and decidedly shallow conservative thinking is pure lose. Unfortunately, many of these stunted brain capacity types still believe Saddam had WMD and was responsible in 9/11. And unfortunately, most of them still have all their internal organs. Perhaps Ol’Georgey boy could have chosen a better group to crusade

  • TJ

    You stupid fucking liberal bastards…Saddam Husein was a bad man and we took him out ..now we own Iraq and its peoples and its oil… they got owned and theirs noting you or anyone can do about it

  • Willy McCready, Texas

    Bush has done nothing but good for our nation. We invaded Iraq because Saddam was responsible for attacking the US on 911 and he was gonna attack us again with WMD. Get your facts right idiots!