Comrade Brown Orders Arrest of Traitor to the People Damien Green

LONDON - England - Supreme unelected comrade, Gordon Brown, ordered the Commissar of Stasi State Police, Comrade Ian Blair to arrest and torture a vile traitor and enemy of the people for compromising secret state papers to evil democratic sources of capitalist detritus and scum.

Comrade Ian Blair Chief Commissar of the Stasi today had a big grin on his face because of his final parting shot before he retires to his dacha in the countryside for early retirement.

Comrade Blair (no relation to the traitor of the people and capitalist scum, Tony Blair) enjoyed a last supper of cabbage soup with Comrade Brown at Number Ten Downing Street before retiring to his dacha in Sector 101.

There were soviet scones served at the table which were made from specially fermented cabbage and even some cabbage profiteroles served up by Comrade Brown’s wife, Comrade Sarah Brown.

“Comrades, I ordered Stasi officers headed by Commissar Blair to arrest a vile traitor to the soviet Vision of Change this morning. He will be summarily arrested and beaten with sticks until he confesses his crimes to the state.

“The Etonionite capitalists have been dealt a blow, if they say anything against our Ten Year Plan Vision of Change they will also be arrested.

“There are still enclaves of this Bullingdonianite faction out there and they will be rooted out like the yellow dogs they are and hunted. Borick Johnson, Cameron and that free-market democracy loving scum George Osborne. These vile merchants of democratic process are an affront to the Brown Vision of Era of Ten Year Plan and Change.

“Of course comrades, I will deny any knowledge of their arrest to the proles. It is the old trick of deny everything and admit to nothing.”

Notice to all, there will be no dissent to the state system of Brownism. Our great unelected leader, Comrade Brother Brown has made examples of many who have been arrested and are now enjoying the benefits of 42 years hard labour and re-reducation in gulags all over Soviet Britain.

Predictive programming is also being utilised so that the populations are used to the new regime of change and thoughtcrimes will be punished at every juncture. If any prole witnesses any dissent to the state or any thoughtcrimes, please report the offender to the nearest Stasi council official.

Comrades, you have all been warned.