Family Can’t Go to Tuscany After Tax Credit Cut

GRIMSBY - England - Tax credit cuts are causing mayhem in Britain today and it's all because of the Conservative government.

The Binghams will not be able to go to Tuscany this year because the horrible Conservative government have cut their tax credits.

The family who live in a 10 bedroom villa in Grimsby paid for by the council receive £76,000 in benefits per annum, but with all the tax cuts are now having to make do on the bread line by only shopping at Waitrose every other day, and will this year not be able to take their customary trip to Tuscany.

“It’s vile what the Tories are doing to this country. I’m also cutting down on servicing the Ferrari, and my wife had to clean the house herself the other day. These cutbacks are criminal. Fucking Tory scum,” Mr Bingham said spitting on the floor with a big greenie.