Iraq War: Tony Blair Apologises By Not Saying Sorry

FONADHOO - Maldives - The former Prime Minister, Tony Blair has made an apology for the Iraq war by not saying he is sorry about his decision to go to war in 2003.

“I would like to apologise by not saying I am sorry for my actions that caused the Iraq war and the resultant deaths of millions of people,” former prime minister, Tony Blair told no one in particular yesterday.

As well as not being very sorry, the former PM did not apologise to any servicemen’s families who lost their loved ones or those who lost limbs during the failed war.

“I’m not sorry that you lost both your legs, your arms and your testicles after an IED blew them off, you signed up to the army so it’s all your fault,” Mr Blair told a man in a wheelchair at a recent Iraq war memorial service.

Mr Blair is currently enjoying an all expenses paid three week holiday in the Maldives on board a billionaire friend’s $450 million cruise ship.