Soviet British State Celebrates Comrade Brown’s First Year as Supreme Leader

LONDON - England - Supreme unelected leader Comrade Gordon Brown was today honoured by high party officials and the people for his first year's unelected leadership with a Soviet parade and festivities showcasing the Soviet states might and Bolshevik spirit.

There were celebrations across Soviet Britain today after the first year of Comrade Brown’s ten year plan passed without any problems or major rebellion.

Since our unelected leader was instated in the non-election, there have been many Soviet milestones reached. The collectivization of cabbage farms, eco-gulags, millions more cctv cameras installed, increased surveillance, and major tax increases for the benefit of the state bureaucracy and Politburo.

Our supreme unelected leader addressed the Soviet people from the podium near the Westminster Duma as a troop of Bolshevik warriors marched down Soviet Whitehall.

“Comrades, brave Bolsheviks who fight against the scourge of the bourgeois corrupt devils of Democracy, we are an unbreakable Union of free republics created by will of the peoples. Long live the united, mighty Soviet British Union! Be renowned, our free Fatherland. Reliable bulwark of the friendship of peoples! Soviet flag, free flag. Let it lead from victory to victory! We developed our army in battles, we will sweep the vile aggressors from the way! In battles we settle the fate of generations, we will lead our Fatherland to glory!”

As cheers and shouts of praise for Comrade Brown rang out from the proles, there was a sustained applause for thirty minutes. Some comrades were so overcome with Soviet spirit that they fainted where they stood, to be attended by brave British Soviet nurses and stretcher bearers.

After the parade Comrade Brown’s Commissar for taxation, Comrade Darling, announced even more tax increases on top of the immense increases of last week. The taxation is for the good of the people and will pay for more Commissars’ and High level Comrades’ expense accounts so they can commandeer stately machinations and duties better.

Long Live Comrade Brown and the Labour Party INGSOCK Notice: B37112