England Fans Declare Euro Championship Boring

LONDON - England - The Euro 2008 Football Championship was declared a boring washout by England fans today in a poll commissioned by BBC 6 Sports.

There were no pitch battles in the streets with drunk fans, fatal stabbings, binge drinking, booing of national anthems, murders or vandalism for Euro 2008. This was because England did not qualify for the competition and stayed at home much to the relief of the Austrian and Swiss hosts.

Instead of the usual violence that always accompanies England’s participation in a football competition, there was good clean football.

Having a competition where there have not been any major violent episodes but just sport has been a ratings disaster for the BBC which has been broadcasting the matches.

“Fu*king boring shite, I turned off after watching the first round. There was no spitting at referees, kneecapping or leg hacking like when England plays. There was not even any fans throwing objects at the players or booing. Can’t wait till England qualify for the next Euro,” Lee Chavhard, 23, a bored fan from Bolton told the BBC.

It seems football with good playing and sportsmanship is not something that English football fans care much for.

The final between Germany and Spain will be played on 29 June 7:45pm.