Mugabe Surprised to Win Election Again

HARARE - Zimbabwe - Robert Mugabe has been taken aback at the vote tally after a close election contest after being pleasantly surprised to have won by such a massive landslide.

Robert Mugabe has been holding celebrations after his landslide win for the election run-off in Zimbabwe.

The election was hard fought between the two campaigning candidates: Robert Mugabe and Robert Mugabe.

Luckily for Robert Mugabe, he won this time and said this about his astounding win: “After a hard fought democratic election, I am happy to announce that I have won again. This was a close call because the other candidate, Robert Mugabe, nearly pipped me at the post.”

Mr. Mugabe received a congratulatory phone call from unelected British PM Gordon Brown yesterday on the eve of his spectacular win.

Next week there will be a swearing-in ceremony — where everyone swears at Robert Mugabe under their breath and wishes on a deadly bolt of lightning.