Experts: Why Has Anglo West Forgotten Russia’s WW2 Sacrifice So Quickly?

LONDON - England - Albert Robinson, a prominent researcher at the History Unit, a secretive foreign policy organisation, spells out the dangers to the Anglo-centric world of forgetting Russia's sacrifices during World War II.

“Soviet Russians gave over 20,000,000 lives in the fight against Nazi Germany, and without their sacrifice the Allies may not have won the war.

“Some in Ukraine were complicit with the rounding up of Jews in World War II and fought on the side of the Axis powers. It is therefore not a surprise the European Union led by Germany was instrumental in creating unrest in the Ukraine, but why is the United States adding fuel to the conflict by supporting unrest on Russia’s border?

Who is the real enemy?

“To forget history is analogous to repeating history, over and over again. Even though Russia’s communist past was a precept for a long protracted cold war, it fought the German Nazi forces and its citizens suffered immeasurably in the fight against Nazism. The Anglo-centric West must realise who the real enemy is once more, one that has assembled the fasci rods of power first through economic means this time, and not through military means as was Hitler’s ultimate mistake.

“What we have in the European Union is a Neo-Fascist movement where the military part is hidden from view for now. They’re doing things backwards, first they take over countries economically, then once economically countries have their sovereignty dissolved they and their citizens are press ganged into an EU army. Why do you think Jean Claude Juncker, a former member of the Hitler Jugend, is so eager to create a dedicated EU army? The final prize is Russia, and the EU is assembling a military force for the conflict that will silence the Russian bear once and for all.

“David Cameron is Neville Chamberlain unless he acts now and does what is necessary to avert another monstrous conflict. He must take the UK out of the EU as there will be closer political union within the fascist union, the fasci rods within the EU are close together, socialism and corporatism in perfect synchronicity are being used to reconstruct the old Reich, covertly and from under the noses of the populations who live in darkness and ignorance.

“Do not forget Russia’s sacrifice. The paradox of history is intertwined with intrigue and mystery and is the harbinger of future war.”