Swarms: Why Are the French Letting Thousands of Illegal Migrants into France?

CALAIS - France - Why don't the French first secure their borders around the country so swarms of illegal migrants do not enter? There would not be any problem in Calais then and Britain would not be attacked by thousands every month.

The problem is not Calais, but the French point of entry for the thousands of illegal immigrants swarming towards the French port and ultimately into the UK.

The French should first secure their borders so that the swarms of illegal immigrants cannot enter France, from that point on, there would not be a problem at Calais.

“It’s just common sense. Do the French have any? They need to stop these swarms of people coming into France in the first place. They need secure border checks from all zones. I am of the firm belief that this crisis is in part engineered by the French to cause trouble for Britain,” a border security expert revealed on Wednesday.