What Should Become of Cowardly American Dentist Who Shot Cecil the Lion?

ZIMBABWE - Majestic Cecil the lion, a magnificent much loved character was tragically shot for pleasure and senselessly killed by evil coward dentist, Walter Palmer from Minneapolis, USA.


How much money would you pay to see Walter Palmer have all his teeth pulled out one by one without anaesthetic, or thrown into a pit with an assortment of hungry lions?

Is Walter Palmer just another American doing what Americans do so well, killing and destroying everything in sight or just an asshole who can’t get an erection without killing endangered species?


Because of Walter Palmer, 24 lion cubs will die without Cecil’s protection.

Well, the Daily Squib has compiled a poll to gauge the utter horror and senseless squalid death that was meted out on poor Cecil the lion and to assign an appropriate punishment for the coward dentist from Minnesota. If you have any additional ideas do not hesitate to comment.

What punishment would fit the cowardly dentist who shot Cecil the Lion?

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WhiteHouse.org petition Extradite Minnesotan Walter James Palmer to face justice in Zimbabwe