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Scaremongering German Eurocrat Unveils Putin Monster For Brexit

LONDON - England - It's all getting very scary, now they're rolling out monster stories starring Vlad the Putin for the great Brexit referendum.

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Enter Christian Democrat MP Dr Norbert Röttgen, a chief commissar of Comrade Merkel, and her fiendish plot to unseat the EU referendum.

He thinks he speaks for Russian pariah president Vladimir Putin, and says Uncle Vlad wants a Brexit.

“What we have here is a classic case of fearmongering propaganda which will invariably be pumped into households day and night right up to the referendum. It will seep into your very soul, and under the carpets, you will think Russians are behind the curtains waiting to pounce and the spectre of T-90 tanks rumbling down Trafalgar Square will haunt your every waking moment. The truth is, if Putin wanted to take Britain he would take it irrespective of it being in the EU or not. He would first cut through Europe like a knife through butter and the decommissioned British army would of course fight to the end outnumbered Zulu-like on this embattled island. Whether Britain joins the EU or not is of no consequence, what shall be done, shall be done, and Putin is simply being used here by their historic German foes as a focus point to scare the living shit out of you,” Professor of Propaganda Studies at Ruislip University revealed today.

The truth is, without the shackles of the EU holding Britain back, it would soar to be a global power, not only economically but militarily.


1) Switch off the telly as soon as it comes on

2) Look briefly if caught out, but then use factual reasoning powers and logic to see the nonsense of the propaganda

3) Always look at alternative sources (Daily Squib comes to mind)

4) Remember the people that died for Britain, remember their sacrifice, remember that surrender is not what made Britain. Winston Churchill wanted a united europe but not a Stasi totalitarian Soviet dictatorship

5) Look at the streets right now, and multiply by a thousand the number of foreign people there, because if Britain surrenders, you will eventually be turfed out of your own home and country by economic invaders and lose everything

6) Bookmark this site right now and spread far and wide


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