Besieged ‘English English’ and Their Silent March to Elysium

LONDON - England - There is a silent march going on in what used to be Britain, as the English population have surrendered quietly to the migratory deluge of the last two decades.


Sir Roger Moore, the quintessential Englishman, is of a dying breed that is being stamped out in a silent death march to oblivion and although there are minor squeaks of discontent here or there, the stiff upper lipped silence is deafening.

“Real English people, you know those who have ancestors going back thousands of years, are retreating, in a silent manner, away from the cataclysmic influx. They rarely mingle with the migrants, due to fear, disdain and their desire to stay amongst their own. The same applies to employment in businesses and companies, where the ‘English English’ have their CVs looked at whilst the rest are put in the bin, something that is kept very quiet and never mentioned. There is a quiet code no one talks about, it’s not in the main stream media, or the BBC, where token migrants are paraded around to read news stories, the quiet code states that the core English community is very far apart from the rest, and it does not need to be class distinctive either, the English working classes have had to deal with the brunt of the influx, but they have kept their distance from the migrants. The Upper and Middle classes have been somewhat cushioned but are seeing the changes to their country every day, and they do not like it,” an Englishman said anonymously from his besieged castle outside the capital.

There is a sadness that the country which they have known and fought for for thousands of years is no more. What can the embattled English do?