Corporate Business People Start Own Music Service

NEW YORK - USA - A group of corporate non-artists have started their own music service on the internet(s).



Styling themselves as the ‘next big thing’ the people even went as far as to call themselves ‘artists’ but anyone with any form of logic or reality would know better.


“Our logo is an inverted triangle if you connect the outer edges. This is trying to denote that we are not the usual bottom to top triangle as is usually the case but otherwise. In reality we ourselves are corporate whores who have watched our masters and want to emulate them by becoming corporate arseholes ourselves. This new music service will trick consumers into paying for more banal corporate material in the guise of being from the ‘artist’ which we certainly are not. That’s why you, a sucker who is into autotuned template RnB shite and sub standard pap can pay us £20 a month. Alternatively, you can just buy a subscription for one month, record all the music you can through audio capture or download everything for free off the internet. Hey, we need to keep our mansions going, somebody gotta pay,” corporate rapper, Jay Z told his audience at the launch.

In other news, real artists are staying away and letting these loons make fools of themselves.