EU Wants You to Dump Facebook

THE JUNGLE - Borneo - Leave Facebook if you don't want to be spied on, warns EU, but which one is the lesser of two evils, the EU or the NSA/Pentagon run Facebook?

You know, maybe we here at the Squib need to re-evaluate our relationship with the EU, but it is oh so confusing.

On the one hand the EU is a sort of quasi-sovietised entity that dictates weird directives towards its citizens and member states but on the other side, they do speak some sense.

The latest piece of advice from the EU regards Facebook, and they’re advising citizens to dump the data gatherer from your life, that is if you value your privacy. Well, we warned our readers from the beginning in 2007 that Facebook was an inherently evil data gathering operation run and financed by the spooks, and now the EU is advising to dump Facebook…hmm

What to do? Dump Facebook or dump the EU, or dump both?

Which one is the lesser of two evils? These are the questions we must ask. Should you abscond to a jungle clearing in Borneo and dump the lot, or just dump Facebook and live in the EU where you are probably being spied on anyway.

Well, the simple truth of the matter is, governments have been spying on citizens since the birth, it’s just that these days they’re spying on your every keystroke on the internet. Every citizen within the developed world has large dossiers on themselves, every web page visited, every search term typed, every smartphone conversation is logged and through GPS your every movement is tracked. If you are employed, your employers have vast troves of detailed information about you including your personal life. The insurance industry has all your private data including detailed information of your health records.

So, what is the EU trying to do here? On the one hand they’re saying, dump Facebook if you value your privacy, on the other hand, the EU member states spy on you every day.

Who should you dump? Facebook which actively sells your private data, including private PMs to any company or entity that pays for it and is an arm of the NSA’s Prism program, or the collectivist soviet EU which spies on you as well?

Well, it depends on your sensibilities. If you like your data to be logged by the NSA and other American agencies, then keep your Facebook page. If you prefer to be spied on by the EU, then dump your Facebook page, you will still be spied on, just with a more European slant.

C’est la vie mes amis..

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