The EU: Why We Will Tighten the Screws Soon

FRANKFURT - Sektor 1 - Never underestimate the EU, their force lies in sheer economic power, they don't rely on brutal military might to bulldoze through a point, they instead opt for confiscation of individual wealth and redistribution techniques.

“There are elements of numerous political systems meshed into one cohesive cloud that the EU hides behind. I say cloud, because the EU’s ideology is one of a dark black cloud where its technique is hidden from view, especially to citizens of nations this cloud hangs over. Yes, there are moments of lightning coming from the dirty foreboding cloud, but these bolts strike fear into dissenters, they disintegrate those who dare to question the cloud? So, what’s behind the cloud? Well, there is no sun, there are no clear skies, there is just another cloud. This is why the EU cloud is so dangerous, it will only reveal its true totalitarian self once it encompasses as much as it can, when the walls have been stripped, when national sovereignty has been eviscerated, when all semblance of individuality has been amalgamated, there will be no escape, especially for the little man at the bottom of the pile,” an unelected EU technician, was overheard describing the EU to a Brussels state reporter on Tuesday.

People don’t like to be free, they want the state to tell them what to do at each step of their lives, and the EU always answers their call.

“Resistance is futile, you will assimilate or we will destroy you. Your red poppies are meaningless, because those men who died in both world wars died for nothing, the UK was conquered economically, as the BMW Mini drives down your roads, and the diktats ring through your soon to be dissolved parliament, your country is now so integrated that to extract yourself is nigh on impossible. Your military is no match to the combined forces of the EU, you must accept defeat as the force is too strong, the dark bilious cloud extends over the cliffs of Dover now, fifteen years of unlimited EU migration are irreversible, this technique alone has destroyed your indigenous population who are now scattered, mixed up, and confused. Accept your fate Britain, you are now part of us, it is already too late, you cannot close your borders, we are already here, you must relax, let go, there is no more fight, your stiff upper lip quivers, you dare not say anything else, your British sensibilities of polite deference and acceptance are your final death knell. The cloud is here to stay,” August Mengele, an EU Kommandant from Frankfurt said on a recent Newsnight EU special report.