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Vote Leave FACTS: Obama’s 10-Year Trade Claims Not Backed Up by...

LONDON - England - Soon to be ex-president, Barack Obama has claimed the UK could take up to 10 years to negotiate a trade deal with the US if it leaves the EU, yet the US has previously concluded free trade agreements in under two years, and is only conducting one other trade agreement at the moment.

Lord Owen: People Puzzled by Obama Intervention to Stay in Dysfunctional...

LONDON - England - Speaking this evening, former Foreign Secretary Lord Owen criticises Barack Obama's intervention in the EU referendum debate.

EU Referendum: Obama’s Blatant Hypocrisy Revealed by Iain Duncan Smith

LONDON - England - When president Obama flies into the UK, he will bring his hypocrisy and meddling ways into the build up to the EU referendum.

EU Referendum: Nick Clegg – Wrong Then, Wrong Now

NEW JERSEY - USA - Speaking at Princeton University, Former Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg claims that the UK would be 'left alone and 'powerless' if it left the EU.

Michael Gove’s Positive Brexit Speech that Puts Fearmongering BSE to Shame

LONDON - England - Speaking today at Vote Leave's HQ, Justice Secretary Michael Gove outlined clear plans for Britain in the event of Brexit.

EU Referendum: Lord Lamont Puts George Osborne in His Place

LONDON - England - With George Osborne and his Treasury number crunchers claiming today that leaving the EU will make UK householders £4,300 poorer, he neglected to mention the figure is based on the Government breaking its promise to reduce net migration to the tens of thousands.

George Osborne Staying IN the EU Would Cost Britain £9,265 per...

LONDON - England - George Osborne claims British households will lose £4,300 per annum on Brexit but if the UK stays in the EU, households will lose £9,265.

Gisela Stuart: Government Must Come Clean About the Impact of Migration...

LONDON - England - The government has been caught red-handed hiding information about the impact of migration on Britain's schools during the lead up to the EU referendum.

Lord Lawson and Lord Owen: Princeton University Conference – Europe and...

NEW JERSEY - USA - Lord Lawson, the former Chancellor of the Exchequer and Lord Owen, former Foreign Secretary, today delivered speeches at Princeton University on the EU and our future relationship with the European Union.

The Eurozone Risks Intensifying its Demise Why Britain Must Leave

LONDON - England - It does not make sense as to why Britain should stay in the European Union when the risks to stay are higher than risks to leave.

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