EU Referendum: Obama’s Blatant Hypocrisy Revealed by Iain Duncan Smith

LONDON - England - When president Obama flies into the UK, he will bring his hypocrisy and meddling ways into the build up to the EU referendum.


Obama’s stark double standards will come to light as he is escorted around town, a mouthpiece for the disinformation peddling Project Fear headed by David Cameron and his left hand man, Lord Mandelson.

Why should the UK give up its sovereignty and control of its borders when the USA does not have free movement of persons with the EU, Mexico or Canada and has no intention of introducing such arrangements?

Furthermore, the USA is now considering imposing visas and extra security screening on EU members because of the dangers now presented from the EU’s security failures. President Obama, however, advocates that British citizens remain subject to these dangers.

The US refuses to countenance any surrender of national sovereignty to international courts or organisations.

Iain Duncan Smith MP, who is part of the Vote Leave campaign, revealed his discontent at this hypocritical Obama intervention during the lead up to the EU referendum:


“I have a huge amount of respect for America’s unrelenting commitment to the patriotic principle of self-governance.


“President Obama, and every one of his predecessors, have ferociously protected the sovereignty of the USA – and I only wish we could say the same of our leaders.


“What I do find strange is that he is asking the British people to accept a situation that he patently would not recommend to the American population.


“I can imagine no circumstances under which he would lobby for the US Supreme Court to be bound by the judgements of a foreign court. Nor can I imagine any circumstances in which he would accept that laws should be made for­-  or taxes imposed on­ – the people of the United States without the approval of Congress.


“If he believes it would be unacceptable for the American people – those he is actually elected to guide – I fail to see how it is appropriate for him to recommend that the British people continue to relinquish their right to democratic self governance.


It is wrong for the US, and equally I believe it to be wrong for the UK. That’s why I am campaigning for us to leave the European Union and take back control of our borders and our law making powers, as well as the £350m we send to the EU every single week, so we can spend it on our own priorities instead.”