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Vote Leave FACTS: Latest ONS Stats Show Why Britain Will Prosper...

LONDON - England - The latest figures from the ONS shows that Britain would prosper economically outside the EU.

Vote Leave FACTS: How the EU Has Increased Consumer Prices

LONDON - England - Apart from sending £350 million to the EU each week, the European Union has been ripping off British consumers with ridiculous prices that no one else pays.

Vote Leave FACTS: Yvette Cooper Caught Lying on the EU and...

LONDON - England - Yvette Cooper lying about the EU Charter. It is completely untrue to say that we have an opt out from the EU Charter.

Vote Leave FACTS: How the EU Has Killed Off Our Steel...

PORT TALBOT - England - Forty thousand British steel jobs will be lost because of the EU's red tape and bureaucracy causing immeasurable damage to the economy.

Vote Leave: Out of Touch Nicky Morgan Wrong About Jobs

LONDON - England - The Education Secretary, Nicky Morgan is wrong to claim that Brexit will affect jobs. We give you the FACTS refuting everything she says.

Vote Leave FACTS: Energy Risks Increase by Staying In EU

LONDON - England - The Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change's false claims about Britain leaving the EU are obvious scaremongering lies. Here are the facts to disprove her dubious claims.

Moody’s : “Brexit UK Economy Safe – Do Not Listen to...

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Respected credit agency Moody's have made clear that the public should ignore the baseless scaremongering of the Britain Stronger In campaign.

Conservatives for Britain Sets Out Plans to End Austerity if We...

LONDON - England - Conservatives for Britain has today set out suggestions for what could be in the UK's first post-Brexit Budget.

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