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IMF Talking Britain Down Again Resorting to Scare Tactics

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - The IMF has today published the 'World Economic Outlook' for April 2016 and resorted to talking down Britain's prospects out of the EU.

Healthcare Workers Say We Should Vote Leave to Save the NHS

LONDON - England - In a letter today more than fifty healthcare workers including doctors, nurses and paramedics have called for the UK to Vote Leave to save the NHS.

David Miliband On the EU: Wrong Then, Wrong Now

LONDON - England - David Miliband is to speak on the EU referendum. He was wrong during office, and he is wrong now.

Vote Leave FACTS: Big Businesses Use EU Law to Claim Billions...

LONDON - England - New research by Vote Leave shows how big multinational businesses have used rulings by the European Court of Justice to cut their tax bills and reclaim billions of pounds from the UK Government.

EU Frontex Report Shows Major Flaws in European Security

LONDON - England - The EU Frontex border report shows serious flaws in European security that are a major danger to Britain.

False Claims in £9 Million Taxpayer Funded Gov Leaflet Uncovered

LONDON - England - Vote Leave has published its analysis of the false and misleading claims made in the Government's recently announced £9 million propaganda campaign.

EU Confirms British Women Will Still pay Tampon Tax if Remain

BRUSSELS - Belgium - The European Commission has revealed the tampon tax will stand on June 24 punishing British women.

Lord Owen: TTIP Will Kill NHS – Britain Must Brexit

LONDON - England - Former Labour Health Secretary and Independent SDP politician, Lord Owen today in a landmark speech, outlined the serious dangers to the NHS if Britain remains in the EU.

UK Gives £5.8 Billion More to EU Countries for Medical Costs...

LONDON -England - Vote Leave today revealed that the UK pays on average £723 million a year more to EU countries for the medical treatment of UK nationals than it receives back for treating EU nationals.

Vote Leave FACTS: UK Football Will Be Stronger Outside EU

LONDON - England - Britain Stronger in Europe have made more claims about how football will suffer out of the EU. There is nothing further than the truth.

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