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EU: “Jump!” Theresa May: “How High?”

LONDON - England - The EU is increasing their federalist state daily, imposing restrictions on nations within the soviet bloc, punishing nations with fines, increasing migration, implementing an EU Army separate from NATO, yadda yadda yadda..

Brexit Delay: Theresa May Being Consulted by Peter Mandelson, David Cameron...

LONDON - England - We have won the Brexit battle but it seems the Remainers are winning the war. Not only have they employed delaying tactics onto Brexit, but they have installed a Remain PM, a Remain Chancellor of the Exchequer and even Remain trade negotiators to thwart Brexit.

There Will Be No Brexit With Philip Hammond as Chancellor

LONDON - England - At every turn where progress seems to being made in the Brexit process, the Chancellor Philip Hammond, a staunch Remainer, is thwarting all and sundry.

PMQs: Maggie’s Back With a Vengeance

LONDON - England - PM Theresa May's first PMQs got off to a wonderful start as she gave Jeremy Corbyn a good solid kicking whilst channelling the spirit of Thatcher.

Thanks to Theresa May Scotland Will Now Block Article 50

GLASGOW - Scotland - Thanks to Theresa May, Article 50 to leave the EU will probably never be triggered.

Au Revoir Leadsom Hello May

LONDON - England - There's no need for more months of protracted Conservative party electioneering. Andrea Leadsom is halting her faulty campaign.

Think Tank: Conservative Members Should Have More Say in Leadership Contest

LONDON - England - In the run-up to the Conservative Party's upcoming leadership election, the Bow Group and Conservative Grassroots have conducted their own polling for what Conservative Party Members consider to be the candidates' ideological credentials and prospects.

Deep IN Campaign Splits On Freedom of Movement

LONDON - England - IN campaign's Theresa May has completely contradicted George Osborne on Freedom of Movement in the EU. The IN campaign is in utter turmoil on the touchy subject.

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