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Merkel’s Role Was Solely to Bring Forth Right Wing

BERLIN - Germany - Chancellor Angela Merkel was used as a conduit to bring forth a new resurgence of the right wing in Germany an expert in clandestine operations believes.

GEOPOLITICS: Turkey Turns East in Alliance With Russia

ANKARA - Turkey - The Turks are turning towards Russia. How does this geopolitical restructuring impact the West especially in any future global conflict?

Welcome to Merkel’s Schengen Death Zone of Terror

MUNICH - Germany - The attacks occur daily within the Schengen death zone, and yet not a word from Merkel, the woman who invited millions of migrants into Europe last year causing a crisis of infiltration never before seen in the continent before.

If You Want to Die Vote Trump

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - People will die under a Trump presidency, probably in their millions, and this is a guarantee because where there is Trump, there will be war.

Blair Driven From Central London Mansion to Chilcot Inquiry in 45...

LONDON - England - Tony Blair was today driven to the venue of the Chilcot Inquiry in approximately 45 minutes.

Naive Socialist Swedes Reap What they Sow

STOCKHOLM - Sweden - The recent attacks and assaults on Swedish women at music festivals by marauding migrant men is an example as to how socialist countries in Europe are naive to the effects of a mass migration open door policy.

EgyptAir MS804: You Are Not Safe Flying From Charles De Gaulle...

PARIS - France - The French authorities are most certainly covering up the explosion that occurred on EgyptAir flight MS804 because whatever the Egyptian authorities say is immediately re-written to indicate something else.

The EU Schengen Zone Encourages ISIS, ISIL

BRUSSELS - Belgium - If you vote remain in EU, you vote for ISIS to attack Britain. David Cameron is irresponsible to be leading the remain camp and is putting Britain's people in needless danger.

Knight to E5: Putin’s False Retreat

LATAKIA - Syria - Ever the grand master, Putin has supposedly thrown in the towel in Syria, much to the delight of his adversaries.

NATO: We’re Leaving Turkey Out to Dry

ANKARA - Turkey - Jean Asselborn, Luxembourg's Foreign Minister has revealed that a war between Russia and Turkey will not result in NATO help through the invocation of Article 5.

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