NATO: We’re Leaving Turkey Out to Dry

ANKARA - Turkey - Jean Asselborn, Luxembourg's Foreign Minister has revealed that a war between Russia and Turkey will not result in NATO help through the invocation of Article 5.

NATO commanders do not want anything to do with Turkey, for a very good reason. If Russia were to crush the Turks, it would be a win win situation for a Europe that detests anything Turkish, and the Russians who are out for Turkish blood.

“Once Russia takes Turkey and does the bidding for its many enemies, that region of the world will be white washed and the Russians will have a foothold in the Mediterranean next to their dear friends the Greeks. Greece has always courted Russia to do their dirty work, as much as Assad and Iran, and now mortal enemies of the Turks, the Kurds are being fully supported by Russia to destabilise Turkey as much as possible through terrorism. As for Israel, no one detests the Turks more than them, so there are no losses all around,” political commentator Francois Carrion, told French news stations to much fanfare.

The Russians wish to create an element of civil war in Turkey, reminiscent of the former Yugoslavia,  utilising the Kurds as their proxy weapon. The Russians are arming the Kurds and giving them high level intelligence as to which targets to hit within Turkish mainland through terrorism and other means. This sly method of destabilisation is most certainly orchestrated directly from Moscow.

The unfettered Russian carpet bombing operation in Syria at the behest of Assad is also creating a wall of refugee misery seeking refuge and entering through the already bloated borders of Turkey. This further destabilises the nation much to Russia’s delight.

The ultimate Russian goal of course is to gain control of the Straits.

Control of the straits. And it is the age-old dream of the Russian tsars since the capture of Constantinople by the Ottomans. The release of “Orthodox shrines”, “Greek project” … “Eastern Question” – perhaps the most important question of geopolitics Empire. In total, for the period from 1568 to 1918-th happened 13 Russian-Turkish wars. Over the centuries, Russia and Turkey were at war 69 years. On average, a Russian-Turkish war from the other separated only 25 years old. Not with any other country, we did not fight as much. The war was originally for the control of the Northern Black Sea coast, then over the North Caucasus, and then over the South Caucasus. Well, of course, of a protectorate over the Eastern Christian peoples who fell under the authority of the Porte. All these territories under Stalin managed to unite in one grand geopolitical project.Source

The plan is to create a Kurdish homeland directly adjacent to the Turkish border and portion of a major part of Syria including Kirkuk, a heavily oil rich area which the Kurds will use to subsidise their new state along with the help of the Russians.

Has Erdogan, the Turkish leader bitten off more than he can chew? With Russian forces bearing down on Turkey from the North and West, Greek Russian forces from the East, there seems to be no place to go now, especially when NATO has abandoned the Turks to their Russian fate.

Turkey can certainly count on its friends…er…of which there are none.