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Think Tank: Post Brexit Britain Should be Inclusive Yet Selective

LONDON - England - Anyone who crosses the Schengen line in the EU is given free access to everything within Europe. This is fundamentally wrong, because criminals, terrorists and anyone else who wishes to exploit the system is given free passage to do so.

Brussels Attack: Schengen Directly Responsible

BRUSSELS - Belgium - You cannot have borders with no checks in a situation of war. If you open borders you invite attack on your citizens, and the EU hierarchy are directly responsible for the deaths of their own citizens.

Brexit: Turkey Given EU Go-Ahead – The FACTS

LONDON - England - Turkey, a nation of 75.9 million people has been given the green light for European Union membership. This is not only a bad deal for Turkey but for Britain as well.

Even Hitler Spared Paris But Not ISIS

PARIS - France - Hitler spared Paris in 1940, but ISIS would not have such mercy. The iconic masterpieces of past eras still standing today would be demolished one by one.

Experts: Paris Friday 13th Schengen Massacre a Tragedy That Could Have...

PARIS - France - With no borders, no checks, no curtailing of the unfettered mass immigration streaming into Europe's Schengen zone, there will be more and more terrible terrorist attacks in the EU on a perpetual basis.

Experts: Mass EU Immigration Anarchists Dream

LONDON - England - Thanks to the perpetual war in Iraq and Syria, Europe is seeing a huge humanitarian crisis caused by unfettered immigration.

Mass Global Migration: An Engineered Cleansing of the West

LONDON - England - The shifting migration population, globalisation, are symptoms of warfare on previously protected sovereign borders, a member of the class explains.

People of Britain Daily Squib EU Appeal

LONDON - England - This is an appeal from the Daily Squib newspaper to the people of Britain regarding the EU referendum in 2016.

Experts: De-Militarization Clue to Britain’s EU Plans

LONDON - England - When Chancellor George Osborne announced military cuts amounting to £1 billion last week, this was a fundamental clue in the overall plan for Britain's role in the EU.

Think Tank: Wake Up Europe ISIS is Closing In

TORRINO - Italy - An Independent think tank from Italy is advising full deployment of military forces to counteract the rise of the Islamic State which is now in the process of uniting Libya and threatening Europe.

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