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Vive la Révolution – Marine Le Pen France’s New Jeanne D’Arc

ORLÉANS, – France – Like a Phoenix from the flames, soon France may find liberty and freedom again from the stifling octopus grip of the socialists and EU unelected swine.

Heathrow Third Runway Needed For Influx of ‘Child’ Migrants

LONDON - England - Unaccompanied 'child' migrants will be flown in from France on an hourly basis into the UK over the next ten to twenty years, and this is why it is crucial for Heathrow to have a third runway, the government says.

Sarkozy: “We Let the Migrants into France So We Are Liable...

PARIS - France - Former French president, Nikolas Sarkozy has admitted that it is France's fault that the Calais Jungle refugee camp was created.

Parisian Nightmare an EU Lesson in Suicidal Schengen Destruction

PARIS - France - The French stand to lose billions of euros in lost revenue from their tourist industry as visitor numbers plummet through terrorism, low quality overpricing and a dirty city resembling a migrant camp.

Welcome to Merkel’s Schengen Death Zone of Terror

MUNICH - Germany - The attacks occur daily within the Schengen death zone, and yet not a word from Merkel, the woman who invited millions of migrants into Europe last year causing a crisis of infiltration never before seen in the continent before.

Munich Massacre UPDATE: Iranian Shoots Innocent Shoppers

MUNICH - Germany - BREAKING NEWS - Shooter massacres shoppers in the centre of the city.

Nice Terror Attack: What Happens Next? Emergency Plan

NICE - France - The Daily Squib predicts the six step plan post Nice terror attack.

Schengen Promenade of Death a Wake Up Call For France?

NICE - France - How many attacks will have to take place until the French wake up to what is going on in their country and EU?

BREAKING: 90 People Killed Truck Attack in Nice France Bastille Day

NICE - France - Bastille Day has been marred by another act of terror as a truck ploughed into a crowd killing many,

EgyptAir MS804: You Are Not Safe Flying From Charles De Gaulle...

PARIS - France - The French authorities are most certainly covering up the explosion that occurred on EgyptAir flight MS804 because whatever the Egyptian authorities say is immediately re-written to indicate something else.

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