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Brexit: Turkey Given EU Go-Ahead – The FACTS

LONDON - England - Turkey, a nation of 75.9 million people has been given the green light for European Union membership. This is not only a bad deal for Turkey but for Britain as well.

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After economic and monetary accession talks were opened on 14 December 2015 as well as on January 2016, the latest round of talks today signal an immediate quickening of pace regarding Turkey’s EU interests.

The implications for Britain are very severe regarding the EU’s agenda to rein in Turkey, and has David Cameron’s full backing.

“..in terms of Turkish membership of the EU, I very much support that. That’s a long-standing position of British foreign policy which I support.”

75 million Turkish citizens will gain visa-free access to the Schengen zone

There are multiple threats regarding this action, the EU’s Schengen open border system will facilitate a massive movement towards Britain, rendering the NHS, schools, and essential services, already overloaded to a standstill. Britain’s welfare system will have to be halted eventually as the amount of benefits recipients will outnumber those working; purely because there are not enough jobs to accommodate the influx of millions.

Visa liberalisation for Turkey will occur by the end of June 2016, just after the UK’s referendum.

Unless Britain votes to leave the bloated monstrosity of the EU, there will be open access from Syria’s border to the English Channel.

Foreign Secretary, Philip Hammond has stipulated that he is in favour of giving anyone who is within the Schengen zone full access to the United Kingdom.

The UK is liable for an unlimited sum of money to Turkey to bail out the Schengen zone

Financed from the EU budget, which the UK pays into, it is therefore liable to pay for Turkish refugee assistance and all other costs. This could extend to the multiples of billions.

The UK will thus not have a veto to the financing of Turkey, according to the Treaty on the Functioning Union, article 214.

In the interests of the UK’s governmental system and citizens it is imperative that we leave the EU on June 23, as to stay in will result in certain suicide, not only for this generation but for the next, and beyond.

Think of your children, their children, and their grand children.


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