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Peasants Told to Celebrate Royal Wedding

LONDON - England - The nation's peasants were on standby this month as the powers that be ordered them to celebrate the royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Royal Family Prepares Itself For Arrival of Creole Princess

LONDON - England - The Royal family prepare to move into the 21st Century by welcoming Prince Harry's new bride-to-be Meghan Markle.

Prince Harry to do Third Tour of Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS - USA - Prince Harry is set to do his third tour of Las Vegas his entourage has revealed to the tabloid press.

Prince Harry Could Have Benefits Cut

LONDON - England - Prince Harry is no better than a chav on benefits, many royal commentators are now saying.

Prince Harry Has Lost His Nazi Uniform Again

LAS VEGAS - USA - Prince Harry has had a dressing down from the royal palace and his army superiors for losing his Nazi uniform again.

Prince Harry Banned From Drinking Alcohol During Apache Flights

LONDON - England - Prince Harry has been banned from drinking whisky shots whilst flying his Apache helicopter senior MoD officials have revealed.

Prince Harry’s First Apache Mission Over Pakistan a Success

BAIZAI - Pakistan - Prince Harry has successfully carried out his first mission in the Afghan border region killing up to 28 Pakistani soldiers, reports have confirmed.

The Adventures of Prince Harry and the Pakis, Chinks and Wogs

LONDON - England - Prince Harry is to be depicted in a new British Army recruitment book that will be released and published by Buckingham palace's own printing press.

Drudge Report Puts Prince Harry in Afghan Warzone Danger

HELMAND PROVINCE - Afghanistan - Prince Harry has been put in extreme danger by the headline crazy American Matt Drudge after revealing the Prince's whereabouts on his tour of duty in the Afghan warzone.

Harry to go to War

Prince Harry, who has been stopped from going to war in Iraq by the Ministry of Defence, has been thrown a life line. The Royal Palace has created a miniature battlefield in the grounds of Sandringham.

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