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Shameful Obama Legacy: White Man Beaten Viciously For Voting Trump

CALIFORNIA - USA - Racial tensions have increased tenfold since the Obama election in 2008, but it's getting worse after Trump in 2016.

It’s Official: YouTube Unrolls Soviet Stasi Censorship Snitch Program

LONDON - England - The Daily Squib found out what it is like to be censored for politically sensitive stuff in 2013 when our site was nearly erased from the internet, and our YouTube channel limited, delisted.

Hula Hula Socialist Triggers the End of American Civilisation

MIAMI - USA - Socialist activists are a symptom of a malaise deeply entrenched in American society, as well as a precursor to the final destruction of Americanism.

Gossip Trump Has Lost the Election Already

DELAWARE - USA - Donald Trump has a big fat mouth and he cannot control himself. This is why he has already lost the election.

Dear Americans: Under Martial Law They Will Take Your Guns

BATON ROUGE - USA - The second mass shooting of law enforcement officers by deranged racially motivated gunmen within a short time period suggests an escalation towards martial law in the United States.

Back in Washington D.C. Obama Recalls His Trip to the UK

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - A pensive President Obama has arrived back home after a trip to Britain prior to the EU Referendum.

Soon to be Ex-President Obama Threatens UK With Back of Queue...

LONDON - England - If the blood in your veins is not already boiling with indignant rage that Obama flies over to the UK prior to the EU referendum to hector us on what we should do, and how Britain should hand over its sovereignty and laws to Brussels, he is now threatening Britain with lies about putting Britain to the back of the queue regarding trade with the U.S.

How Anti-British Obama Discarded White House Churchill Bust

LONDON - England - Just as Barack Obama sent back Churchill's bust from the White House, he is only too willing to condemn the British to EU purgatory.

Editor: How the Daily Squib Was Cut Down in 2013

LONDON - England - The Daily Squib has been attacked, maligned, censored and cut down numerous times but it will never give up the fight for satire and the truth.

Obama: “Would Americans Give Up Their Sovereignty to the EU?”

LONDON - England - President Obama is making his way to the UK to meddle in something he or no American would ever dare to do -- give up their nation's sovereignty.

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