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Art Gallery Assassination: World War III?

ANKARA - Turkey - As far as art gallery exhibitions go, this one went off with a bang or five, unfortunately resulting in the demise of the Russian ambassador to Turkey.

Experts: ISIS is Root of True Islam and Cannot be Defeated...

LONDON - England - The Global War Analysis think tank summarises the futility of trying to fight an ideology or belief system like ISIS with weapons and military force.

Nice Terror Attack: What Happens Next? Emergency Plan

NICE - France - The Daily Squib predicts the six step plan post Nice terror attack.

The EU Schengen Zone Encourages ISIS, ISIL

BRUSSELS - Belgium - If you vote remain in EU, you vote for ISIS to attack Britain. David Cameron is irresponsible to be leading the remain camp and is putting Britain's people in needless danger.

Are You Ready For Holiday Season Schengen Death Lottery?

BRUSSELS - Belgium - Going on holiday in Europe this summer could mean you don't come back or you leave some body parts behind at your European destination.

ISIS: Proof That Ideas Cannot Be Bombed

AL-RAQQAH - Syria - Once the seed of an idea is implanted, no amount of bombing or war can remove that idea from existence, and ISIS is the living proof of this idea.

Russians Deny Behind Istanbul Bomb Killing 10 German Tourists

ISTANBUL - Turkey - Three Russian suspects who were allegedly in contact with IS fighters in conflict zones and had provided logistical support to the group were detained by Turkish forces on Tuesday local news reports confirm.

Why ISIS Taking Libya Means Danger For EU

TRIPOLI - Libya - ISIS are less than 100 km from the capital city in a major push to seal another major victory for their cause.

Donald J. Trump the Islamic Poster Boy

MOGADISHU - Somalia - As accurately predicted, Donald Trump is the new poster boy for recruitment for the Islamic State. The sordid, antagonistic thoughtless words he uttered about banning Muslims are now enshrined as a recruitment mantra used by Jihadists worldwide.

Merry Christmas From the Tunnels of Syria

HOMS - Syria - Much like the tunnels the Vietcong employed during the Vietnam war, Jihadis are languishing in tunnels as numerous countries bomb empty buildings from above.

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