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Why ISIS Taking Libya Means Danger For EU

TRIPOLI - Libya - ISIS are less than 100 km from the capital city in a major push to seal another major victory for their cause.

Donald J. Trump the Islamic Poster Boy

MOGADISHU - Somalia - As accurately predicted, Donald Trump is the new poster boy for recruitment for the Islamic State. The sordid, antagonistic thoughtless words he uttered about banning Muslims are now enshrined as a recruitment mantra used by Jihadists worldwide.

Merry Christmas From the Tunnels of Syria

HOMS - Syria - Much like the tunnels the Vietcong employed during the Vietnam war, Jihadis are languishing in tunnels as numerous countries bomb empty buildings from above.

Brits Advised to Wear Bullet Proof Vests if Visiting California

CALIFORNIA - USA - So, you want to catch a few waves, saunter down Santa Monica or visit Disney Land, well forget about having any fun, you will need some serious gear just to walk the streets of California let alone enjoy yourself.

Experts: ISIS Recruitment Rises Through Indiscriminate Bombing Campaign

GENEVA - Switzerland - The Defence War Institute think tank has released a communique regarding Britain's desire to bomb ISIS in Syria.

The Role of Fear During the War of Perpetual Terror

NEW YORK - USA - During George W. Bush's era he constantly talked of the War on Terror. His words 'War on Terror' actually meant 'War of Terror' the perpetual state of fear that is transmitted onto the populations.

Even Hitler Spared Paris But Not ISIS

PARIS - France - Hitler spared Paris in 1940, but ISIS would not have such mercy. The iconic masterpieces of past eras still standing today would be demolished one by one.

La Guerre: Now is Time For French and UK Military Draft

PARIS - France - In light of the recent attacks on civilians, if there ever was a time for a full military draft and increase in military expenditure now is the time.

Merkel: “We Must Welcome More into EU”

FRANKFURT - Germany - "Wir schaffen das," Angela Merkel has as a mantra, much like Obama's Marxist cry "Yes We Can" there is a resolute determination to undo thousands of years of European history in one fell swoop through collectivist techniques.

Experts: Paris Friday 13th Schengen Massacre a Tragedy That Could Have...

PARIS - France - With no borders, no checks, no curtailing of the unfettered mass immigration streaming into Europe's Schengen zone, there will be more and more terrible terrorist attacks in the EU on a perpetual basis.

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