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Why ISIS Taking Libya Means Danger For EU

TRIPOLI - Libya - ISIS are less than 100 km from the capital city in a major push to seal another major victory for their cause.

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ISIS are now less than 100 km from Tripoli, as they have detonated a huge bomb at a police training facility.

In December, the terror group took over the ancient Roman city of Sabratha which was a protected Unesco site.

The march towards Tripoli has thus yielded much land and oil to the conquering military Jihadist group.

With little or no resistance to ISIS, Tripoli could fall within the next few weeks.

What would this mean for Europe?

Not only is Tripoli oil rich but it is a stones throw from Italy. Once ISIS gains a foothold in the capital city it will be nigh on impossible to extricate them, even by air force.

The stranded civilians will not only flee towards Europe but this will enable many ISIS cells to infiltrate the EU once more. Already, because of Germany’s Angela Merkel, multiple Jihadi cells have most certainly infiltrated the Schengen zone. Once within the borders of the EU, there is no stopping these cells from causing even more terror attacks on civilian soft targets.

The Paris attacks in November were conducted by Jihadists who came over from Syria thanks to Merkel’s open door policy and zero vetting of insurgency into the continent.

If nothing is done soon, the EU could very well see more and more conflict as its Schengen zone is infiltrated thus leading to a rapid spread in internal warfare, needless bombings and terror.

Meanwhile in Syria, the ISIS Jihadists have been quietly hiding away from the occasional bombs and missiles in vast tunnel networks, and in Iraq, where the terror group has been inundated by Shia Iraqi troops supported by the U.S. air force , they have retreated with minimal losses.

The onus is on European leaders and military chiefs. Do they want open warfare in Europe and thousands of civilian casualties or do they want to cut off the Hydra’s head once and for all?

The choice is theirs. Instate a full EU military draft or take the hit.


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