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Merry Christmas From the Tunnels of Syria

HOMS - Syria - Much like the tunnels the Vietcong employed during the Vietnam war, Jihadis are languishing in tunnels as numerous countries bomb empty buildings from above.

Jihadis are writing their Christmas cards from the tunnels of Syria as the skies are full of drones and planes on bombing campaigns.

“We set up an impromptu Christmas tree in one of the tunnels, and the choir assembled around it singing carols. What with the lights, and eggnog, I wasn’t half as homesick,” the Jihadi said with a tear rolling down his black mask.

There’ll be Christmas prezzies and even a few rats fashioned into a big turkey for supper.

“This year I asked Santa for a top of the range AR-15 machine gun and a custom made bullet belt. Uncle Sam did not disappoint as the shipment came in early thanks to those CIA boys,” another Jihadi revealed.

Oh dear, has no one told the Jihadis that they’re not actually Christians and don’t celebrate Christmas?

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