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Thousands Moving to Netherlands to Become Driving Instructors

AMSTERDAM - Netherlands - The Dutch government has seen an unprecedented increase in migration especially from Britain as new legislation allows driving instructors to allow students to pay for lessons with sex.

Driving instructors in Holland are allowed to offer lessons in return for sex , it has been revealed.

The great news was made public after a question was tabled to the nation’s parliament on the matter and the answer came back in the affirmative – as long as the student was over 18.

“Driving a car is very much like making love to a beautiful woman. You’ve got to put your key into the ignition, turn gently, then oil her up, switch gears from slow to fast, keep the throttle up until you can’t take any more finally coming to your destination,” Dutch Tony, a driving instructor from Rotterdam revealed in Motoring today magazine.

Applications to become a driving instructor in Holland have quintupled since the announcement and the government has become inundated with requests for the lucrative job.

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