Santa Rally Latest: Dow -365

CHICAGO - USA - The traditional Santa rally is no more, replaced by downward spasms as the weakening U.S. economy splutters in its death throes.

Raising interest rates in a weakening economy, a vast $22 Trillion debt laden deficit, unending Middle Eastern wars and unfunded federal debt liabilities of $128 Trillion, is a mistake Janet Yellen will live to regret, but her masters have great plans for what is soon going to be the former United States of America.

This is not Yankee bashing but a dose of the cold hard truth — yep, no way out this time.

Santa Rally

To give, first Santa must take, and there’s the rub, investors fleeing the markets in fear, institutions battening down the hatches, brace yourselves for the long ride down in a schizoid catatonic market.

“If you see the ECG graph of someone having a heart attack, there are wild spasms before the flat line. This is what we are now witnessing, seismic swings, the cardiac death of America, which has served its initial purpose by the Order, and the plug is being pulled, at first gently, but now no one gives a squirt of piss about the failed project. It’s unmanageable, when that happens, the big boys move on, and they’re in Europe right now, they’ve abandoned ship. Uncle Sam is sick, he has cancer, arteries like a rock, and a prostate bigger than Jupiter. Adios amigos, it has been an experience, not a very pleasant one, but an experience anyway,” a Fed insider revealed from New Zealand.