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ISIS Hits Evil Las Vegas Jackpot

LAS VEGAS - USA - The ISIS trademark has struck once again, this time hitting the Vegas jackpot with another indiscriminate shooting spree.

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In a repeat of the Bataclan music massacre in Paris, looks like ISIS have hit another one of their grotesque headline grabbing jackpots.

This time, the trophy are many dead Trump voting American concert goers at a Las Vegas Country music festival.

The continual chugging sound of machine gun fire resonates through the night sky as bullets tear through the bodies of more innocents caught up in the chaos. How this sort of horror justifies anything is beyond comprehension, but presumably to a wild eyed Jihadist, heavily indoctrinated and maybe on some sort of amphetamine, it is a free for all, and every bullet that hits is justified in their belief system?

How Trump will react to this is not clear, but for someone who is a staunch anti-Islamist, he will no doubt find a way to increase the pain, although he has been wholly ineffectual since becoming president?

The current governmental position is that there is no terrorism involved, although the evidence may change in the next few days. Of course, it could be the other way, and ISIS falsely puts their mark on a domestic nutcase who went on a shooting spree, either way, the truth may never be known.

For ISIS, this latest shooting spree will no doubt be seen as a great victory, and it seems there is movement to increasing attacks on the West, as a direct response to Middle Eastern incursions resulting in the loss of their territory.

Unfortunately, time is on the side of ISIS and all the other Jihadist organisations. They have all the time in the world to conduct these operations over and over again, for centuries if need be, that is unless the so-called Western meddling in the Middle East ceases.

The Jihadists do not only have all the time in the world, but they have an unlimited amount of brainwashed assets ready and waiting in the wings for the next massacre of Westerners. As the West utilises drones and bombs at 30,000 feet to execute one guy here or there, at great cost, the clinical strikes are clean and remove the carnage from the controlling operators. The Jihadists on the other hand utilise the more terrifying approach of dealing violence and death on the ground, where it is in your face, and creeps into your very being with its viciousness.

By opening up the Islamic can of worms, has the West bitten off more than it can chew? To progress towards a new singular World Order, Islam will have to be tamed or eradicated completely. It is true to say, for the globalists, that a NWO cannot coexist with an Islamic belief system, as it is the exact opposite to the tenets of a one world system. This is why they have been doing everything they can for the past few decades to slowly dismantle Islam from the inside.

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