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Syria War: Please Donate to United Nations

LONDON - England - The Daily Squib is urging readers to donate directly to United Nations organisations on the ground in Syria and surrounding countries where millions of people are fleeing.

Tony Blair Volunteers to Take In 580 Refugees

KENSINGTON - England - Former prime minister, Tony Blair has volunteered to take over five hundred refugees from war torn Iraq and Syria his press office announced today.

Experts: Mass EU Immigration Anarchists Dream

LONDON - England - Thanks to the perpetual war in Iraq and Syria, Europe is seeing a huge humanitarian crisis caused by unfettered immigration.

Tony Blair: “Why Jeremy Corbyn is True Heart of Labour”

LONDON - England - Former British prime minister, Tony Blair, has apologised to Labour leadership front-runner Jeremy Corbyn for previously trashing his character and policies of pure socialism.

Our Response to Latest Lord Dannatt Communique Regarding ISIS

LONDON - England - The terror inducing attack in Tunisia, where countless British civilians lost their lives is a reminder of the dangers of ISIS, and a call to arms for the West, as acknowledged by Lord Dannatt.

Think Tank: Battle Between Orthodox Islam and Shia Sect Helps West

SOMEWHERE - Nowhere - Prominent military think tank, the War Institute, reveals a brief analysis of the current situation in the Middle East and the manipulation of Islam.

Experts: While West Sleeps ISIS Training Children to Fight

Washington D.C. - USA - A team of experts from the Military Tactical think tank in the Capitol are proposing the reinstatement of the military draft on all U.S. citizens to fight the increased threat of ISIS in Syria, Libya, Yemen and Iraq.

Iraq/Syria: No News From the Front

LONDON - England - News reports from Syria and Iraq are about as reliable as a Greek bank account.

Fall of Saigon: “Silence of the West as ISIS Advances on...

BAGHDAD - Iraq - Saigon, April 30 1975, the Hueys overburdened, perched upon tall buildings lifting off as desperate Vietnamese civilians and former workers hang on, a scene soon to be repeated.

Tony Blair: “I Have Accomplished More Than I wished For as...

LONDON - England - Former Prime Minister of Britain, Tony Blair has a smile on his face as he leaves the offices for the last time of the Quartet as Middle East Peace envoy.

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