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Lord’s Prayer Welcome in Cinemas

LONDON - England - Free speech means there should be inclusion of all voices, and this is why banning the Lord's prayer from cinemas is a profound attack on the freedom of expression.

Drudge Report: End of Internet Era

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - The invasive Obama-led Net Neutrality will spell the end of the internet as we know it, where all forms of free speech and political discourse will be censored by the state. Websites like Drudge Report will be removed.

Why Satire is Important For Cultural Growth, Society and Humility

LONDON - England - Satire is a very important part of the Western concept of freedom and free speech and should never be thwarted.

Free Speech: Political Correctness Just as Dangerous as Religious Fundamentalism

LONDON - England - Political correctness is equal to Islamic fundamentalism in its prohibitive behaviour towards free speech.

Offline is the New Online

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Has the internet had its day? There are many people disillusioned with the internet and how it has lessened the importance of creative achievement and created a mind prison for millions of people.

Banning Things is Extremist Behaviour Say Experts

OXFORD - England - By banning words, speech or thoughts, governments across the Western world are in fact exhibiting extremist behaviour, professor Collin Ledwood, for Oxford university has revealed.

The Internet: Before and After ‘Right to be Forgotten’

SEKTOR 001 - EU - The new EU diktat called 'Right to be Forgotten' is a great way of erasing history within the digital era.

Cameron’s Stasi Officers Closing Down Free Speech Once and For All...

LONDON - England - Who would have thought that someone who is meant to be a Conservative PM could do more damage to free speech and freedom than Labour's Gordon Brown could have ever dreamed about?

Daily Squib Office Invaded by Chinese Censor

LONDON - England - The Daily Squib offices were invaded by a visiting Chinese censor on vacation from China yesterday.

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