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EU Directive: Article 13 and the Death of the Internet

BRUSSELS - EU - Controversial EU Censorship directives Article 11 and Article 13 were passed today by the EU parliament curtailing free speech on the internet.

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No more gaming videos, no more memes, no more home created content, no more internet entrepreneurs, no more linking, no more innovation, no more images, no more creativity, no more parody, no more satire, no more fun on the fucking internet thanks to the EU.

The DS warned this day would be coming in 2015 but no one cared then or was listening. They might wake up soon, hopefully.


Look at it this way, the EU already tried this experiment in Spain in 2015. By introducing a link tax on Google news in the country, many smaller publishers went out of business, and Google finding the whole debacle unmanageable simply pulled out of Spain. Traffic dropped drastically. Google has not been back since.

The same thing will happen across the whole internet if this tyrannical censorious law goes through in January. Many regions outside the EU will simply block any traffic from Europe. The recent GDPR directive by the EU has already damaged the internet because many US publishers did not want to deal with its complicated and costly implementation, they just blocked all traffic from Europe. The blocks are still in place as of writing, over four months after EU enforcement.


Article 13 is not about artist or creator rights, it is about shutting down speech on the internet from unsanctioned voices. The EU is using the pretence of protective copyrights of European content creators to effectively silence the voices of alternative media establishments who are immune to mainstream media lies.

People want their alternative voices heard, they want something other than state sanctioned echo chambers spouting out the same propaganda day in day out.

Tim Berners-Lee, where are you now? You were the engineer of the World Wide Web, and you have vehemently opposed this EU directive that will silence whole swathes of the internet and create a dystopian Orwellian slush pit of shit.

For those who hold the torch of freedom, of justice and liberty, we will have to look elsewhere for our utopian dream as sadly the internet will never be the same again. We will not be able to create freely and without punishment, we will not be able to innovate and reach the outer boundaries of human thought, we will not be able to philosophise without being shut down by the faceless EU bureaucrats and unelected officials who have brought upon the internet this hideous pestilence of over-regulation and dictatorship.

As George Soros laughs into his broth concocted from the marrow of dead babies harvested from Chinese hospitals, and Obama chuckles away at another great effort from his beloved EU, we can only think of the great mediator called death. Hasn’t Paul McCartney got enough money already? Death mediates all things, and these people who engineered their evil plans will one day die, just like everyone and everything dies at some time, even the fucking EU.

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