A tennis player

The definition in the dictionary of a caricature is: a picture, description, or imitation of a person in which certain striking characteristics are exaggerated in order to create a comic or grotesque effect.

In today’s media, any caricature, or satire of a black person is deemed as racist under politically correct diktats enforced by the controllers.

It is fine for a cartoonist to draw the exaggerated features of a white man, or pretty much any other race, but to draw a caricature of a black person is now completely illegal, and can result in banning, censorship and eventual loss of employment.

This is why, cartoonists like an Australian caricaturist have now been banned by Twitter.

Currently, all forms of satire or cartoons could become banned on the internet and media, because they deal in caricature, in ridicule of the ridiculous, and in the ultimate truth. To have one section of an ethnic group exempt from caricature, is a form of reverse racism, and is racist in itself, however the controllers cannot see this fact from behind their idealogical political haze.

To even mention that certain ethnic groups of people have big lips, or a certain type of hair is deemed as racist, however the caricaturist sees what he sees, and exaggerates it — like, that’s their fucking job.

If a female tennis player expects to win every match she plays simply because of the colour of her skin, and when she is losing, acts out a temper tantrum, in the long run, this is not acceptable behaviour in a civilised society. She will no doubt cite racism as the fact that she lost, when the blame is entirely upon herself and her unjustly entitled behaviour.

Furthermore, to then divert the loss of a tennis match onto a cartoonist who witnessed her grotesque behaviour and entitled attitude, is a terrible injustice, and metes out punishment to the wrong person.

Today, satire and the art of caricature are in grave danger, and this signals that Western society is moving towards tyranny through censorship. Our Western ideals of democracy are now in the past, and we are witnessing a time of communistic censorship more akin to the Chinese Communist state, than Western democracy.

In history, throughout fascist and communist rule, satire and caricature, all forms of parody, were banned unless they conformed to demonising the enemy of the state. Most practitioners of real satire had to either go underground, or plant very subtle satirical gems in their work to continue doing their art.

We are now seeing this form of tyranny today, this Orwellian tyrannical censorship, and unless something is done to bring back the democratic rights of free speech, expression and creativity, it will be lost forever. The upcoming EU directive, Article 13, will no doubt increase the censorious tyranny, and all parody, satire, caricature will be subject to removal.