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How Are American Socialists Liberal?

LONDON - England - Watching American socialists call themselves 'liberals' belies an altogether truth, they are now very far away from any 'liberal' ideology, and have embraced Marxism and communism.


One thing for us over the pond, that we find strange, is the term used for the American socialist party, the Democrats, named as “Liberals”.

The term liberal, in a political sense suggests someone who is “favouring individual liberty, free trade, and moderate political and social reform.”

However, to see what the so-called ‘liberals’ are doing in America as of late, is profoundly ‘illiberal’ and extremist. That is to say, they are the antithesis of what they say they are, and have somehow metamorphosed into a totalitarian, authoritarian Marxist political ideology, befitting soviet communism in many ways.

We can see this with the coordinated anti-free speech movement of the American socialists within monopoly tech and media companies, and the move further left, with massive censorship and cutting off the voice of millions of people who do not hold extreme leftist political ideals, as well as the attempted destruction of the right for citizens to defend themselves with arms, enshrined in the American constitution.

The extreme left of the democratic party, not only wants to destroy the rights of Americans to speak freely, but to destroy their rights to defend themselves with arms, as well as their right to fair election by denying other political ideologies a voice in a free stable level playing field platform where all forms of political ideology and speech are allowed.

The democrat party members and offshoots, like ANTIFA and BlackLivesMatter have also advocated violent internal-terroristic action against any other political ideology that does not adhere to their extreme Marxist viewpoint. These people still call themselves ‘liberals’ but to watch them aggressively beating up old frail men at protests who dare to hold up their placards and pepper spraying them in the face is far from any set of defined liberal attitude but one of the the out of control mob.

The ‘liberals’ today do not value freedom of expression or speech, they do not value capitalism or democracy, they do not value the right of citizens to defend themselves from harm, they do not believe in individualism, and they do not value nation states controlling borders for security purposes.

What we see from today’s American socialists today is a movement that is bolstered by communist ideology, utilising the disenchanted youth, minorities, and illegal migrants to impose their extremist Marxist viewpoint onto everything and everyone in a totalitarian manner.

Through violence, aggression, censorship and authoritarian measures, American socialists have soiled their own so-called ‘inclusive’, ‘progressive’ status to become extremists utilising any means possible, legal or illegal to push forward the sovietized programming they have all received.

Our observation, form afar, is one out of the box, and is profoundly unbiased as we do not hold any political ideology, left, centre, or right. We are mere observers, who see things as they truly are, almost like a mirror image, and we report what we see as truth.

Let us hope one day the American ‘liberals’ find liberalism.

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