"Est inuicem consequens et quod ex diuersis idem ostendit, ut qui mundum nasci dicit per hoc ipsum et deficere significet, quia deficit omne quod nascitur."

Don’t worry folks, the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed 831.83 points lower today at 25,598.74.

The Nasdaq Composite skipped a few steps down by 4 percent to 7,422.05 and the S&P 500 dropped like a fucking concrete block by 3.3 percent to 2,785.68, with the tech sector pulling the index under like an anchor tossed into the Atlantic ocean.

These are early days yet, because we still have a 60% drop to contend with.

So, what’s causing all this stuff to happen? Well, there are multiple variables causing the little drops. The main issue is of course China, who are not playing ball with Trump’s tariff changes. The Chinese are intent on bringing some chaos to the U.S. markets utilising underhand methods, after Trump trumped their easy money-making deals where they were stiffing America with unfair trade deals. Let’s say, there’s the dumping of U.S. bonds, as China is pretty much the largest holder of U.S. debt, and there’s the retaliatory tariffs on U.S. imports into China. This whole clusterfuck puts a strain on manufacturers and companies on both sides.

Wherever there is China, there is always Russia, and the sanctions put on the country by the U.S., EU, and UK, have created a deeper alliance with the Chinese economically, as well as politically.

Then we have the U.S. tech companies colluding with each other to censor everything on the internet that is not socialist, or communist. This action has reawakened a serious investigation into anti-trust regulation, which will break-up many of these monopoly companies who have misused their positions of power for the gain of the socialist movement in America. Regulators are already prepping to proceed with slapping these companies with serious fines and regulations, as well as breaking the bigger ones up into smaller manageable sizes.

These are just a few variables, we have mentioned, as there are many more, like rate rises, but we don’t want to write this shit all day. Grumble, whisper…martial law…Capitol Hill arrests for treason…Silicon Valley arrests for corruption/meddling with elections…whisper…whisper..cleaning the swamp..FBI/CIA insiders…midterms..etc..

The simplest way to describe the situation is, everything that goes up, must come down one day, and certainly, that day is coming soon.

Cash out now before it’s too late, buy gold bullion, like the real gold bars, the physical stuff. Paper money won’t be worth the paper it’s printed on after this.