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Monday, June 17, 2019
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Paris Spectacular Prison Re-Entry

LOS ANGELES - CA - In an amazing U-turn by the Los Angeles court system, a judge has ruled that spoiled brat Paris Hilton needs more gratuitous weeping photo ops.

Paris’ Early Jail Release

LOS ANGELES - CA - Paris Hilton was released from jail today after serving 3 days out of the required 45 day sentence.

Celebrity Rehab

Malibu CA - Dark sordid tales from the rehab dungeons of D-List celebrity hell. There's a celebrity mentalist on the loose! Never fear help is at hand.

Auschwitz Fashion Week

Los Angeles CA - The rising star of fashion, Israeli Designer Mosher Liebowitz, this week unveiled the new Spring collection of Holocaust Chic. The paparazzi and stars clamored for a peek at the sizzling cat-walk models and Auschwitz clothing lines.

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