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Snoop Dogg Announces New KKK Album

LOS ANGELES - CA - Cordozar Calvin Broadus, Jr AKA the celebrity rapper Snoop Dogg is in the middle of writing a new album about the Ku Klux Klan.

Heather Mills’ New Disguise Causes Concern

LOS ANGELES - USA - Heather Mills has attempted to change her appearance once again to avoid being identified with her previous gold-digging crone incarnation.

Church of Scatology to Save Pete Doherty

LONDON - England - Drug addict Pete Doherty is to join the Church of Scatology and be personally tutored by American actor Tom Cruise who will cure him of his drug addictions.

Carla Bruni Outshines Bling Bling Sarkozy During UK Visit

LONDON - England - French President Nicolas Sarkozy was overshadowed by his hot new supermodel wife Carla Bruni on his recent visit to London.

Jade Goody Tries to Eat Nightclub Reveller Alive

ESSEX - England - Ex-Big Brother contestant, Jade Goody, tried to eat an Essex nightclub reveller while the woman was still alive it is claimed.

Paris Hilton Out of Africa Photoshoot

PRETORIA - South Africa - Not content with her photoshoot in Rwanda a few months ago, Paris Hilton is back in Africa for another photoshoot to promote her new caring persona.

Heather Mills to Give All Winnings to Charity

LONDON - England - Heather Mills, who has been awarded £25.8 million for three years of marriage to Sir Paul McCartney, is to give all the winnings to charity.

Secrets of Michael Douglas’ Youth Revealed

LOS ANGELES - CA - Michael Douglas, the Hollywood actor married to Welsh actress Catherine Zeta Jones of 'Darling Buds of May' fame, reveals the secrets to his youthful looks in next month's edition of Hello magazine.

Pete Doherty Revealed to be a Fraud

WILTSHIRE - England - Pete Doherty has been uncovered as a fraud by the Daily Squib. The pop singer, who has been masquerading as a drug addict and junkie, has been discovered to be hiding a terrible secret.

Michael Jackson Writes Book to Save Neverland

LOS ANGELES - CA - Michael Jackson will come up with the $25 million needed to save Neverland by March 19th after receiving a multi-million dollar advance for writing a tell-all book.

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