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Grillo Sisters to Star in New Cookery Show

LONDON - England - The famous Grillo sisters are to star in their own cookery show commissioned by Channel 4 their agent has revealed.

Now that Nigella Lawson has her own cookery show in America, the Grillo sisters who were embroiled in the Saatchi divorce, are set to enjoy their own cookery program.

“We’re going to have lots of grillo cheese, grillo fish and grillo egg. In fact everything will be grillo. Just like we grilloed Charles and Nigella. Not only will the dishes be cooked on the grillo but they will be bloody expensive too. How about the grillo mozzarella sandwich? That will cost Channel 4 £320,000. And the grilloed Halibut? That will cost Channel 4 a measly grilloed £160,000,” one of the Grillo sisters revealed.

The new Grillo Sister Grillo Cookery program will be filmed in the most expensive locations the two sisters can find.

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