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What Happens When Dumb People Become Famous?

LOS ANGELES - USA - The entertainment business is fickle, there's no news there, but it seems to be getting dumber and dumber attracting even more unintelligent people than ever before.

Ruiz Temple, is an entertainment expert who has been in the business for over 50 years.

“There’s a very good reason why unintelligent people are made famous either as useless celebrities or sub-par pop outfits. Firstly, in the fickle society we inhabit, intelligence or talent is not valued in the entertainment industry, instead a good cheek bone structure or nose will do the job. You can be practically brain dead, but as long as you have the look, you will be famous.

“Secondly, dumb people are easier to control by the clever people behind the scenes. The stupid moronic idiots that are being peddled like performing monkeys do get a piece of the money pie, but only a small percentage of what their handlers are getting. In the entertainment industry, it would be detrimental to have a performer who was self aware and intelligent with knowledge of how they are being exploited. This is why clever people cannot be performing monkeys. That role is best left to the dumb, narcissistic, egotistical morons.

“Once a performer has outlived his/her usefulness, they are usually dumped by their handlers. This usually then results in the performer going off the rails. Maybe there is an element of realisation for them that they were used, but mostly it is an attention seeking exercise. Additional factors contributing to the downfall include loss of expert guidance by their intelligent handlers. Stupid performing animals need to be told exactly what to do at all times, once that’s gone, the facade they were projecting is lifted. If the celebrity or pop tart dies, then the managing party will have the opportunity to cream off even more money from post mortem sales and documentaries as well as merchandise.

“In today’s entertainment business why are stupid people valued so much compared to other eras? Well, the dumbing down of the youth is a key agenda and for the most part it has been a very useful tool for those who rule. Populations have seen intelligence quotas drop drastically as the dumbed down generations breed bringing even more dumb people into the world to be exploited.

“It is of no use to have people who are intelligent, they must be dumbed down even further. We now have an increasing number of stupid performers performing to stupid audiences. Cha Ching!”

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