Kanye West IQ Registered at 48 Say Doctors

LOS ANGELES - USA - Pop star Kanye West has been showing off his Christmas present from his new wife Kim Kardashian.

Kanye West was showing off his Christmas present his new wife, Kim Kardashian got him at a recent end of tour photo shoot.

“Kim ya know, she got me sum shit kinda ya know, she tol’ me get ma IQ check. I say wha? Danna whatdafuq dat shit is niggas. Mabe fo’ people wit connections ya na white folk and Jooz. Ya nam sayin’ ‘n’ shit, ya nam sayin? I got to da head doc in Hollywood n sum shit, n he aks me ta sit at a desk n shit, ya num sayin? Ya na wit a pencil n shit. Da nigga wuz crazy n shit, he say I gotta write on a piece of paper n shit? I say wha muffugga you crazy n shit, ya num sayin? Anyways cut a short story long n shit, or was dat da other way roun’ n shit? I gotta ‘F’ inda test n shit. I said nigga I can buy yo whole office n shit ya num sayin’, I got Hermes bags comin’ outta ma azz n shit, num sayin? Yeezus fukkin christ nigga, I made you n shit. You betta sho me sum respec n shit. So I slammed his head inda desk n tol da bitch take his own test n shit,” Kanye West told some reporters.

After completing the IQ test Mr West was escorted out of the office on a faux gold plated wheelchair.