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McDonalds Now Recruiting Latest X Factor Winners

LONDON - England - The McDonalds chain is gaining the majority of their employees from X Factor shows it has been revealed.

Fast food restaurant McDonalds is now actively recruiting the latest X Factor winners to join the previous lot who won previous X Factor competitions.

Manager of the Walthamstow McDonalds branch, Ludmilla Briancatsou revealed how the recruitment drive works.

“They win first prize on the show, sell about twenty iTunes downloads then get dumped by Simon Cowell’s awful exploitative record company and that’s after the first week of winning X Factor, we then recruit them in the second week. Our burger chef is some guy who won three weeks ago and doing the chips is a girl who won X Factor six years ago. She’s still doing the fries to an exemplary standard and may become managerial material in another twenty years if she’s lucky. As for cleaning the toilets, we’ve got JLS in there right now. It’s the music biz innit!”

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